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to raiders fans rushed to hospital before today is scam with they did that got them at nearly get them killed the three strikes law too harsh or not strong enough potential changes. something rarely seek if at all eight businesses in a ritzy part of california burglarized in as smash and grabs many caught on camera. california's three strikes law a harshest in dealing with repeat offenders voters could make changes in november at issue nonviolent offenders locked in with violent ones. anne mackovic talks with those who want change. california's three strikes
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law 18 years old and may continue today life sentences for non serious and non-life threatening crimes do nothing to improve public safety site stated their cases this morning on cbs 5, and helped write prop. 36 would eliminate a 25 years to life sentence for a third felony unless it is serious the law tailored to find the people who serve the most amount of time for the least crime and posed no threat to public safety with overcrowding and realignment there's not enough people for people sand here for a nonviolent offenses 4 people in california jaywalking could count as a felony the third strike in the any kind of felony mark klass is daughter was
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killed by a felon in 1993 once three strikes to stay the same they're not willing to live within the law and not willing to live with the general population at some point they are going to commit the worst crime he cites a drop in the crime rate statewide since three strikes to the fact but also dropped in two counties that refuse to participate san francisco and los angeles you have to support democracy is not one-size-fits- all is beautiful that is what the people want. a vast majority of prosecutors 13 strikes but least two different penalties statewide proposition 36 makes it consistent in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5 campaign 2012 the election more than six weeks away polls in battleground states in favor of the president right now, mitt
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romney was asked about that in an interview to be aired on 60 minutes dru levenson has his reaction mitt romney heads to the battleground state of colorado focused on the state he must win. national polls show the candidate in a dead heat with president obama but behind most of the swing states scott pelley asked romney in to 960 minutes you are slipping in the polls at this moment republicans are concerned about the campaign actually a where it tied in the polls we're within the margin of error it bounces around day to day, number one issue remains the economy on face the nation former president bill clinton defended the obama administration's economic plan more likely to produce broadbased prosperity than romney's plan people will see
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that unless they believe that somehow magically somebody can rest back to full employment in four years. the democrats continue to go after run a clamming his plan lacks specifics that not offer specifics out to lift up the country . republican committee fired back at some republicans we are the only ones talking about how to save medicare the president rated medicare we have specifics coming out of our eyeballs both camps expect to bring specifics to the voters dru levenson cbs news you can see all of mitt romney's interview on 60 minutes also tonight steve crawford sits down with president obama that is tonight at 7:00 p.m. on cbs 5. to oakland raiders fans is that during a tailgate party police
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called to the coliseum at 9:00 a.m. they said it looked like the fans were trying reyes if like pull did not realize the power line above them. in a third party can into contact with the overhead power line at the oakland coliseum the individuals are hosting a pole when it came into contact with the line, 115 callow vote transmission line runs into the stadium but fans rushed to hospital authorities believe alcohol may have been a factor. copperas that's cause a problem for when east bay high school football program wires or stolen from the hayward high school field officials say the crime happened late tuesday night or wednesday morning friday night's game was rescheduled to the afternoon because wiring powers the school lights and scoreboard. the concession stand also took a
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hit. it's a blow to the school because the spent four generates funds to keep the program going without it they are done the sports booster club learns about $1,500 a game and the primary source of revenue for the football program friday's game brought in far less money than usual police have no leads or suspects. still and in the middle east or the american made films that denigrates profit mohammad. police used tear gas against protesters who clashed with officers. protesters poured into the streets with a different kind of message elizabeth palmer with more it started as a simple protest people of benghazi coming together to send a message to on groups to control the city and attack america's
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consulate killing ambassador chris stevens. the message is " we've had enough " libya's military showed his support for the crowd. things remained peaceful until after dark groups of protesters tried to enforce their message they besieged several militia bases and pushed the on men out and then they got into cars and headed out into suburbs to the main paramilitary base and things that ugly. in the chaos looting and the militia fighters melting away into the night there was shooting from all directions. there were casualties, we still don't know how many were wounded or killed. elizabeth palmer cbs news beverly hills that selected
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the one suspect burglaries' a number of businesses in minutes. not even a we called a giant panda cub,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the panda cub born last week as mr. smith's on the national zoo has died zoo officials were alerted to the exhibit when their mother panda was growling in distress veterinarian said a cub was unresponsive to life- saving procedures the cubs mother is upset and zookeeper's keep a close eye on her. she is resting and began to eat a little bit by now she's still in fine but will spend time and our keepers and curators everybody watching her closely. unclear as to what caused the cub's death her body was the size of a stick of butter showed no sign of trauma or infection pandas are among the world's most endangered species.
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business owners and beverly hills got to work to find stores in shambles windows were broken and money stolen and smash and grab burglaries, the we saw hodge with surveillance video is that caught the suspect in act watch as this burger walks past a business and then it kicks the glass door and, he makes it to the register and walks out with a bag full of cash even while the security arm blurring police say he struck store after store in the same manner. eight beverly hills businesses targeted several along wilshire boulevard and five stores in the shopping plaza on olympic boulevard. store owners say the as smash and grabs pre enough to hurt business to have to fix up the window when a burglar could not get
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to the register at shoot lab he not been on the floor and took out of a cash the owner of shoe lab says the burger went to a lot of trouble to steal the cash leaving a pair of designer shoes worth about $1,000 untouched. somebody desperately needed the cash frustrated donors poured out the pieces of shattered glass try to piece together how someone could burglarized a flower shop a coffee shop and dry cleaners all businesses trying to stay afloat. business is so bad and economy is so bad la we saw hi jim cbs news in the weather center good evening it has been fun to watch the big deck of low clouds and
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fog, it's sweeps into the bay the impact on the commute
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if you were down at crissy field you might have seen electric cars' owners back together to celebrate second annual national plug in de owner said are more benefits than just clean air. so many ways to get people energized about the car weather and good attractive lease red or
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carpooling access or saving money or in some cases not shipping money overseas for oil. that the nine other cities to london on the celebration san francisco hosts one of the largest gatherings of electric cars. we usher in a new chapter roberta gonzales joins us good to have new here good evening, a very impressive seen a bank of low clouds and patchy fog moving rapidly onshore westerly winds up to 16 miles per hour, atop the transamerica building currently temperatures have tumbled in san francisco to 61 degrees, all the numbers running close to what we experienced yesterday. santa rosa 78, winds blow from
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the west 88 at dublin, we take a look at mount diablo with all the blue sky sunset at 7 04 sunrise at 6:58 a.m. we will see a bank of low clouds and fog push in. o low over the nevada area tomorrow, satellite radar moves on san jose under mostly cloudy skies and the clouds fell in the gaps future cast illustrates tomorrow morning will have cloudiness along the coast and into the bay, it backs off to reveal mostly sunny skies, although slightly cooler. we go with the upper 50s at
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eureka 89 at sacramento, a wind advisory for the east the sierra. overnight with a blanket of clouds parted cloudy inland 40's and '50's feels like an autumn night. tomorrows ties it rebound '50s and '60s at the coast stylet cooler for monday seventies across the peninsula including south san francisco, 78 at san jose, mid-80s in tri valley, upper 50s with the clearing of the skies at the coast '60s at bodega bay, the hottest day of this week coming up will be friday and then a busy week next week it will feel like summer. we have many activities maybe
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even giants playoffs. today all about football what is up with the niners that was a shocker even the game in oakland a shocker another weekend with in the nfl the 49ers debacle in minnesota, a thriller at the coliseum. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the strain sunday for football, everybody penciled in the raiders for a loss and the 49ers for a win, let's start with the raiders former raider marcus allen liddy towards before the game. raiders down 7-0 and 2 darren mcfadden, there's a 64 yd number and the game tied at 7. there were down 14-7 carson palmer floats it up for the touchdown pass the lead for pittsburgh at the break. scary moment here darius hayward bay drilled by the defender leading with his helmet. lead to a 12 minute delay taken to a local hospital, palmer under pressure spins around
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palmer throws his third touchdown of the game during the raiders get a get. brown loses the football, philip wheeler get said raiders get a field goal from that and the game tied at 31. under a minute left craters force the steelers on drive down failed polymer to hagen there now and sea bass territory during bring on jankowski from 44 yds the kick is up the kid is good. time expires the raiders get their first win of the year. i thought darren played well he is an explosive player. like you saw today it takes one crease for daring to get an opportunity to break a big run
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we have confidence i thought offense played outstanding dennis allen's birthday yesterday the last time for the 49ers played in minnesota their the underdog and get beat by brett favre today they were the favorites jim harbaugh talked about he wanted to avoid the trap game on fourth down christian ponder fakes and rolls out kyle rudolph for the touchdown they extend the lead ponder finds nobody open but scampers 23 ers for the touchdown. a good start for ponder in the nfl in completion percentage 49ers down 17-3 at the half. they regroup, alex smith to vernon davis makes it 17-13. ponder to rudolph again, 24-13,
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two minutes left in the game, smith pass to crabtree off the mark and picked off smith's first interception since we 12 of last year. after a minnesota farm vote smith hit by jared allen and fumbles that ice is the game 49ers take their first loss of the season upset 24-13. in baseball the a's must regroup fast to avoid a sweep at the yankees, already up one nothing in the second, he takes in deep his sixth homer of the year makes it three nothing oakland the yankees come back again rawl 89 yes pos 1 down the line. a fair ball. new york takes the lead on a groundout the a's are resilient.
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yoenis cespedis drops one in for an rbi the game tied at 4. in the six pennington again, his throat is to late josh tons of sun scores a's take the lead. clinging to a one run lead in the ninth, the a's remain two and a half up on the angels for the wild-card spot. they beat yankees 5-4. giants resting of the regulars today, a harmless sacrifice bunt ryan theriot things is that the runner picked off and throws it to the outfield padres on the board. he pokes one to center field, to run scored the padres take a 4-2 lead. to the ninth-inning buster posey pinch hitting bases loaded,
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toasty grounds into a fielder's choice giants lose 6-42 san diego. hopefully we can get playoff tickets. hopefully the a's will hang in there. we talk with marty lurie tonight. new problems tonight for chevron unrelated to the fire at the richmond plant the epa is doing a criminal investigation of chevron would have to do with the air we breathe. tonight at 6 there be that is it for eyewitness news see you in half an hour news updates @ cbs s f dot com good night.
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